19 August, 2007

All clear (I think)

Email has been restored, all is right with the world.

For now....

18 August, 2007

"I done killed it!"

I think I royally fucked up my email server on www.defendini.com trying to install Movable Type. So pablo [at] defendini [dot] com (and any other [at] defendini [dot] com address, really) is dead right now. Yippee.

I'm giving up for tonight. Gonna chill out watching some Dexter, and try to forget that I'm flunking out of geekdom.


A place for everything. . . .

I cleaned my room today. De-cluttered, got rid of old papers, put some rudimentary order to my bookcase, filed shit away in my new filing cabinet with the handy hanging folders, cleaned out my desk drawers, dusted everywhere, swept, and wet-swiffered.

I feel brand-fucking-new.

ps: The iPhone takes crap pictures, I know. No MMS, no iChat, bad pictures, and EDGE is slow. It's not perfect, but it's still the best phone out there, and a joy to use.

Testing out MarsEdit

Hi, just posting to try out MarsEdit, part of the ongoing tweaking ("again with the tweaking!"). Carry on.

This is a weblink: Over on Whatever, Scalzi asks what was your first CD.

Let's put in an inline picture:
no dice.

Success! But barely. It seems that Blogger won't allow MarsEdit to upload pics. This shouldn't be a problem when/if I migrate to MovableType, so I can live with it for now.

Oh, and xkcd rocks.

16 August, 2007

the hiatus, and the pending move. . . .

I've not been posting on here because I've been using Safari 3.0 Beta, and it doesn't play nice with Blogger. However, after a near-fatal hard drive failure on my MacBook (long story, the gist of it is that Oso and the iPhone saved my ass), I'm back on Safari 2.0.4.

However, I wanna get the hell outta Blogger and put this blog where it belongs, somewhere on defendini.com. Nothing against Blogger, mind you. It's been good for getting my feet wet, but I think that it's time I geeked out properly and learned how to install and manage something like Moveable Type on my web server. I mean, that's what it's there for, no? Besides, I think my personal website needs to move away from a strictly portfolio-type site, and into something more well-rounded.

Before anyone asks, I have been playing around with the new iWeb, but even though it lets you publish to your own domain, you actually need to set up .Mac as your host and transfer your domain name to their hosting. Don't know 'bout that just yet. Plus, it doens't look like iWeb/.Mac offers truly powerful blog managing tools (I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Still doing research).

Anyway, It's been an eventful month and a half since the last post. Maybe I'll fill you all in on them while I figure out this move.