11 March, 2008

Maldeamores comes to NYC

Maldeamores [imdb] [crackspace] [movie site], a Puerto Rican film directed by husband-and-wife team Carlitos Ruíz Ruíz & Mariem Pérez Riera, produced by Benicio del Toro, and starring Luis Guzmán (among others), opens in NYC this Thursday. Maldeamores has been in the can for a while now, and has been floating around in Carlitos' and his crew's heads for longer still. It premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival to solid reviews, and has been in wide release in Puerto Rico for a while.

As I understand it, the film is split into three stories dealing with the different facets of el mal de amor (Spanish for 'lovesickness'): a boy's first love, a hostage situation, and an elderly triad locked in a love triangle.

Carlitos and I worked together briefly back in my advertising days, and ever since we've loosely orbited each other via our extended circle of friends in the PR creative industry/scene. From what I remember of his work for me and others in advertising, Carlitos is a director with a distinct vision and storytelling style—I'm very excited to finally see the fruits of their labours.

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