25 December, 2006

The Dutch can't roll a joint for shite, and other points of minor hedonism.

The coffeshops here sell you either grams or half-grams; or loose joints. So far, for convenience's sake, I've been dropping on the loose joints. No more, though. After two days, I've decided the following: the joints are too long for the paper type (rice-papery stuff, almost see-through) it buckles at the filter, since they're machine-rolled and the paper is just wide enough to touch and be glued. In cone style, but the thin end is too thin, so it makes for awkward smoking. Plus, they're made with shake, for the most part, so they're a disaster to smoke– they keep going out. The little plastic containers they come in, however, are nice.

I'll be rolling my own from now on, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and there's nothing sweeter than the Red Light District on christmas night, for all y'all sinners out there. 'Nuff said.

Local time: 3.50AM

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