26 December, 2006

Maritime Museum

As 10AM rolled around, I headed towards a coffeeshop for some refreshment, and made my way over to the Maritime Museum. It houses a large collection of artifacts and documents from the golden age of Dutch maritime history, mostly centering around the VOC (Dutch East India Company). Unfortunately, it was dark as hell in there, and I couldn't get too many good shots, since I couldn't use my flash.

Some highlights, pictured at right:
• a split maquette for an Eastindiaman (one of the VOCs biggest and best ships)
• a Manual for Dutch Mariners (presumably given to VOC sailors)
• a collection of short muskets from the 1760's
and last but certainly not least
• a 'Firman', or a pass from the Sultan offering protection from North African pirates, c. 1775.

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