07 February, 2007

Flatiron Blues (as in blue toes, that is)

I work in the Flatiron Building, which is that funny, triangle-wedge-shaped building on the corner of Broadway, 23rd street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The building is a landmark, having been built in the very early 2oth century, and as such, its piping and such are very very old and cranky. Monday morning greeted us with no heat from the boilers, as they take a while to 'warm up', and the staff hadn't thought to fire them up over the weekend in order to stave off some of the freezing temperatures. Suffice it to say that for most of the day, everyone on our floor was hangin' out in their winter outer-wear. It was fun. Lots of bitching, but not by me. Just glad I was an eskimo in a past life. David Hartwell went around taking pictures of everyone sitting at their office in full winter kit, so I'm posting mine here. Witness my bewildered expression - David caught me off guard!

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