02 May, 2007

Hey, MPAA/DCMA: Fuck you.

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Give us REAL Fair Use, not lawsuits.

Give us engaging content, not sequels and remakes.

Give us the option to do whatever the hell we want with a product we legally buy. Read: I want to rip my DVDs into iTunes, along with its menus and extra features, without having to jump through stupid, stupid quasi-legal DRM-laden hoops. Or better yet, I want to 'legally' (and I use the term here in deference to their vocabulary, not as an admission of wrongdoing) purchase and download the whole shebang. Do I need to waste shelf space and pay for superfluous packaging when I know there's a better, more efficient, speedier, ecologically friendly and convenient way, and the only reason it's not accessible to everyone is because a few fat cats in the entertainment industry want to make more money than they already do? Fuck that. Those neckties must be cutting of the circulation to your brains. Make it happen, monkey boys.

In the meantime, there are those who will do everything they can to thwart your bully-tactics, and I for one will happily download whatever the hell I want, because frankly, I probably wouldn't pay for the crap that Hollywood's producing these days, anyway. The genie's out of the bottle, chumps. It happened with DVDs, it happened with BluRay, and now it's happening with HD-DVD. Sooner or later, there will ALWAYS be a crack.

For those of you who have no idea what that number up top means, or what the hell I'm ranting about, look
here and here.

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