18 May, 2007

Introverts, unite!

After a few weeks of non-stop action (hectic freelance schedule, houseguests, shows, and outings with friends), I finally have a weekend all to myself. So for today, an interesting article from Psychology Today: The Field Guide to the Loner. A great (if somewhat badly written) article about the 25% of us who prefer spending a weekend with a good book rather than going out and getting drunk at a bar. While I'm not averse to a night on the town with my friends every now and then (nor am I in any way shape or form averse to drinking- beer FTW!), for the most part, I prefer to hang out solo. Read a good book, watch some TV or a movie, work on my projects, etc.

Sadly, the truth of the matter is that most people aren't that interesting or engaging to be around. Why subject yourself to mind-numbingly dumb conversation, stupid pickup lines, or random chatty strangers, when you could be doing something interesting and personally fulfillng with your time? When I want to be social, I have my friends: smart, interesting, and hand-picked. Most of the time, however, I would rather revel in my own solitude. I like myself, and I like being inside my head.

Try a Silent Sunday one of these days: don't speak or interact with anyone for the whole day on a Sunday. You may go nuts. Or you my find that it's relaxing and re-energizing.

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Jessica said...

I would go NUTS!!!!