15 March, 2007

I Looooove Working at Tor: RDM's BSG v. ST:TOS

OMFG, what have I done. . . I've opened a frakkin' can of worms. I just discovered the first podcast from www.scifismackdown.com, pitting the Enterprise (the original TV series Enterprise -NCC 1701-, mind you. This is Kirk's ship before the movie refit) against the new Battlestar Galactica. No sooner do I mention this to my boss, I get half the art department and some of editorial jumping out of their offices for a mid-hallway geekfest. The consensus around Tor is that Galactica would beat the Enterprise senseless, because although Enterprise has its shields, phasers, and photon torpedoes, Galactica has nukes, a fleet of Vipers, Marine boarding parties via Raptors, a nuke-proof hull, and hell, let's face it: Bill Adama's much more of a badass than Kirk ever was, or could hope to be. Adama will kick Kirk when he's down, and then Laura Roslyn would airlock his sorry, spoken-word-spouting ass. So Galactica for the frakking win, baby.

Once we settled on a winner for the Enterprise Galactica face offs, we moved on to other smackdowns: unicorns v. zombies (zombies FTW!), and Vampire Pirates v. Ninja Wizards (the office was divided on this one, and we ended up splitting the difference).

So what do you think?
Enterprise v. Galactica?
Unicorns v. Zombies?
Vampire Pirates v. Ninja Wizards?

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