26 March, 2007

Wham Bam, Monday Smash-up.

It's been over ten days since I've posted, and frankly, that's too long. My apologies, blogosphere. Life sometimes happens offline. I've been spending a lot of quality time with my zombie in the studio, and I'm happy to report it's coming along swimmingly.

So today, a couple of links to throw your way:

1- Cory Doctorow (Craphound, BoingBoing) has an excellent short article in Locus Magazine about the novel and its place in the online world.

2- Esquire has a short but interesting interview with comics badass Frank Miller (Sin City, 300, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), in which he talks about how Robert Rodriguez won him over to film, despite his bad experiences with Hollywood, amongst other things.

3- AstroRoach has a great article, A Biocentric and Holographic Universe, which elucidates on the relationship between consciousness and our physical reality, from a quantum physics standpoint. Fascinating stuff. Via Sentient Developments.

4- And finally, just to prove that the people of NYC are not paranoid, here's this little gem from the Guardian UK:
NY police spied on anti-Bush protesters

Undercover New York police officers spent more than a year spying on would-be protesters ahead of the 2004 Republican national convention, monitoring church groups and street theatre troupes which had no intention of breaking the law, it was reported yesterday.

Although the ostensible mission of the Republican National Convention Intelligence squad was to identify the potential for violence at the August 2004 convention, the investigation quickly spiralled into surveillance of environmentalists, anti-war groups, and even three local elected officials.

Stay tuned for more this week, including zombie print updates and the second part of my piracy primer.

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