15 March, 2007

The Zombie Print, in Progress, as Promised.

The zombie printmaking extravaganza continues! After some serious wrestling with the Photoshop sketch (clocking in at a gi-normous 400MB. . . serves me right for wanting to work at 100% on a piece of this scale), I was finally able to output my computer sketch yesterday as tiled prints on 11x17 paper, so I eagerly and somewhat giddily (to my shame) ran over to the studio at Pratt last night after work to transfer the print onto my MDF board (thanks, Julia! Again!). After three hours of cutting, taping, and setting, (three hours! I know, I'm working slow. But in my defense, I had to contend with some idiot undergrad who showed up at the otherwise blissfully empty studio not too long after I arrived, and proceeded to mercilessly chat me up for three hours, while I tried to work. Note to all: people who don't know the value of silence, or who talk just to hear themselves talk, really really really piss me off) I've got everything set up for the transfer sketch tonight.

So here's a shot of the board, with the sketch taped down to it, and some tracing paper over the sketch, along with some of my materials thrown in for a sense of scale. Tonight, I'll loosely trace ("fucking tracer!") the sketch onto the tracing paper, then flip the tracing paper over onto the bare board, and rub it down onto the MDF.

I. am. so. psyched. This is gonna rock. I can't wait to finally get to cutting into the board.

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