18 January, 2007

Apple Inc+Apple Corps=AppleSauce

OK, so given:
1) Steve Jobs' flaunting some Beatles tracks in his MWSF keynote demo for the iPhone.

2) Apple Corps not crying (to my knowledge) about Apple's dropping the word 'Computer' from their name.

3) Apple's forthcoming announcement at the Super Bowl, which many predict will be that the Beatles catalogue will -finally- be available online and exclusively at the iTunes store (at least at first).

I think we can extrapolate that there is a possibility that Apple Inc might be in talks to buy Apple Corps. This actually makes some sense if you think about it: Apple Inc. owning Apple Corps would be somewhat analogous to Steve Jobs' leadership role at Pixar and Disney: it gives Apple an instant inside-ally in the music industry, all the better for Jobs to strongarm them into the future, 'cause you know they're not going there by themselves.

You heard it here first, folks. Apple Inc. is buying Apple Corps. Let the rumor-mill begin!

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