24 January, 2007

Some robots, in disguise.

In keeping with what seems to be the theme for this week, here's another robot-related post. This time, it's a new picture of what is supposed to be passing for Optimus Prime on the much-anticipated (or dreaded, depending on your point of view), Michael Bay-directed 'Transformers' live-action/CGI movie coming out this summer.

Here's my take on this: if this movie were called anything other than 'Transformers' (like, say, 'Go-Bots'. . . HA!), I would have absolutely no problem with this design. In and of itself, it looks pretty badass. But as a die-hard Generation 1 Transformers fan, that is just *not* Optimus Prime (although I'm glad to see they at least kept his head). Call me a purist, but if it's not a snub-nosed tractor trailer cab, it's just not Prime. By the way, what is with these Hot-Rod / Rodimus Prime flames?? Ugh.

And don't even get me started on Megatron (below). Bay's re-imagining of Megatron is what you'd get if you stuffed HR Giger full of amphetamines and acid and shoved him into a room full of hyperactive Tribbles with loud uptempo techno playing at 300bpm.

I feel confident I speak for Transformers fans everywhere when I say: Fuck you, Michael Bay. Fuck you very very much.

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