17 January, 2007

Don't fuck it up, Clooney!

From Sci Fi Wire : It seems George Clooney is going to produce an adaptation of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age as a six-part miniseries for the Sci Fi Channel. Now, Neal Stephenson is by far one of my favourite authors (The Barroque Cycle, Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, etc.), and The Diamond Age is the very first novel of his that I read, so it's got a special place in my heart. From what I've seen of Clooney's work, his productions seem well thought out, and in the spirit of what/who he's trying to portray. But then again, this is sci fi –the genre, which is hard to adapt into film competently without getting silly– Sci-Fi –the network, which has a spotty track record for this kind of thing (on one end, Battlestar Galactica kicking some serious ass, on the other, the Dune miniseries and the slew of B-grade movies they spew forth every year sucking craptacularly) and it's Stephenson, to boot; a very complicated and obtuse author, who crams meaning and symbology into every fucking page, particularly in The Diamond Age.

I'm going to withold judgement on this one until I see it.

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