24 January, 2007

More signs that the Japanese are dead serious about playing Gundam + Robotech in real life

Masaaki Nagumo, an engineer at Japan's machinery maker Sakakibara Kikai, gets into a 3.4-metre tall, two-legged robot called Land Walker for a demonstration as part of an art exhibition. Looks like a prototype Star Wars "AT-ST Scout Walker" or some kind of small Mech.

All he needs is a medium-sized plasma cannon, a big ol' energy sword, some type of anti-Ewok-attack system, and we're good to go. And a jetpack. Must never forget the jetpack.

Oh, and this thing needs to transform into something. I don't care into what, as long as it transforms. It's just not a giant Japanese robot if it doesn't transform into something.

This thing is so sweet, I just had a nerdgasm. When are these gonna be available for purchase? Now that would be a hell of a morning commute.

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